Susan Rice Honored With Award For “Strengthening The World’s Common Security” Night Before Benghazi Hearings

May 9, 2013 6:31 pmViews: 1182

Susan Rice honored for security

In a slam against the fallen heroes of the embassy attack in Benghazi Libya, the night before the hearings into that awful terrorist storming of our consulate that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 others, Susan Rice was given the "Great American Award" by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. Let's not forget, this is the same woman who blatantly lied about the cause of the attack on 5 Sunday morning talk shows immediately after it happened. Rice stated that the embassy was attacked as a result of a YouTube video insulting Islam when she and everyone in the Obama administration, including the President himself, knew for sure that it was not.

The organization is honoring UN Ambassador Rice for ”her work in advancing U.S. interests, strengthening the world’s common security and prosperity, and promoting respect for human rights” according to a press release. Got that, Rice is being honored for strengthening the world's common security, when she played a puppet for the Obama administration and willfully lied about a critical part of the Benghazi attack to cover up for the President's incompetence or something much worse. The entire Benghazi debacle goes to the heart of proper security for an American Consulate and this woman is getting an award honoring her for increasing security!

Here is Gregory Hick's reaction, who testified yesterday at the Benghazi hearings, as he is being questioned by Rep Trey Gowdy, to Rice's comments on the Sunday talk shows about the YouTube video:

Gowdy: Fast forward, Mr. Hicks, to the Sunday talk shows with Ambassador Susan Rice. She blamed this attack on a video. In fact, she did it five different times. What is your reaction to that?Hicks: I was stunned. My jaw dropped. And I was embarrassed.

Gowdy: Did she talk to you before she went on the five Sunday talk shows?

Hicks: No, sir.

Gowdy: You were the highest ranking official in Libya at the time, correct?

Hicks: Yes.

Gowdy: And she did not bother to have a conversation with you before she went on national television?

Hicks: No, sir.

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