Susan Rice Refuses To Call U.S. Operation Against ISIS “War” – “This Is Very Different From That”

September 12, 2014 7:23 amViews: 156

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Never mind that the militant terrorist group ISIS is marauding across Iraq, beheading people, destroying centuries old churches, desecrating sacred, millennia old religious relics, chasing whole populations of towns into the mountains, enslaving and raping women and killing boys and men throughout villages and towns by the thousands, Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice refuses to call our operation against ISIS, "war."

Maybe because our clueless Commander in Chief doesn't want the label of war to tarnish what his already pathetic legacy will be, or maybe he simply doesn't understand the grave nature of the battle we face with a bloodthirsty force like ISIS, but Obama and company apparently doesn't want to play war.

Unfortunately ISIS does and chances are this battle will be long and drawn out if President Obama can't even bring himself to realize the true nature of what we are facing.

Read more below from Breitbart:

Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer,” Obama White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the president’s actions against ISIS are “very different” from America being at war.

Rice said, “I don’t know whether you want to call it a war or sustained counterterrorism campaign. I think, frankly, this is a counterterrorism operation that will take time. It will be sustained. We will not have American combat forces on the ground fighting as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan which is what I think the American people think of when they think of a war. So I think this is very different from that.”

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