Tempe Arizona Coach Suspended For 2 Games For Praying With Team

September 24, 2014 12:10 pmViews: 134

Tempe Prep Academy football prayer

In the latest liberal salvo against people of faith, a football coach in Tempe, Arizona has been given a two week suspension that will require him to miss a game this Friday for the high crime of praying with the kids on his team. Tom Brittain, the coach, is currently serving the second week of his punishment at Tempe Preparatory Academy, after he was accused by Headmaster David Baum of having one of the players lead the team in prayer when they won a game.

This violates the rules of the state-funded school, Baum says, because staff are expressly forbidden from appearing to condone religion on the school's behalf.

In a sign of some hope, Brittain's students are not taking this outrage laying down, and have hung a sign in support of their coach and his actions at the school's homecoming game last week. Many parents, too, have expressed their own umbrage, saying Baum's decision was unjust. Sadly, there are others who defend the move, reiterating that the school is not a religious institution and that Brittain violated school policy.

This is yet another example of the Great Wall of Separation that those who despise faith would have installed between any semblance of government, and religion. Somehow the founding fathers' intention that no one of a particular faith should be persecuted for worshiping as they choose by adherents to a state religion has been perverted, as many of the nation's original principles have been, into a paranoia against all religious beliefs of any kind and the adoption of Atheism as the national faith.

Meanwhile, it does not seem a stretch to submit that there is a difference between some kids at a school thanking God for their victory at football, and protestant Christians being driven from their homes by the intolerance of other, stronger groups, which is what the founders of this nation actually feared. The land of the free, it turns out, offers little freedom for people of faith where any public institution is concerned.

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