The Dear Great Leader Predicts Obamacare “Will Be Pretty Darn Popular”

July 29, 2013 10:59 amViews: 1096

Obamacare will be pretty darn popular

Even though Obamacare approval is at an all time low (54% don't approve of it) and President Obama's job approval rating is historically low (49.3% disapprove), that certainly doesn't stop him from touting and propagandizing his signature healthcare legislation. Obama said in a New York Times interview that once Obamacare gets fully implemented it, "Will be pretty darn popular."

Now mind you, there will most definitely be people who will benefit from Obamacare and the President will drag them out in front of the masses of low information voters and they will go on talk shows, and be sitting with Michelle at the next State of The Union speech and they will be paraded around Washington. That is a given because the Dear Great Leader has to give the illusion that this boondoggle of a law will at least look like it's doing some good. However, under the surface those that have to implement it and those that will be assessing penalties for those that don't join, know that it is a complete joke and so utterly complicated it is bound to be another government program that will be hopelessly bankrupt in a few years or sooner.

Sadly, Obamacare will not be about the truth and whether or not it actually helps the American people, it will simply be tossed in our faces and into our lives, because a ridiculous piece of legislation is what Barack Obama wants to base his legacy on. It doesn't have to work, it just had to pass Congress and in today's world of politics, that makes Obama a great leader for the low information voter.

Red more on what Obama thinks his healthcare bill from The Hill below:

President Obama said he can’t turn around public opinion on his signature healthcare law with a public-relations push, but insisted that the law will be popular once it is fully implemented.

Polls show the healthcare law is unpopular, and its approval ratings are falling. Disapproval topped 50 percent in a CBS News poll last week.

Obama said in an interview with The New York Times that the law will gain popularity once key provisions take effect next year and people are able to more easily purchase insurance.

“But until then, when we’re getting outspent four to one and people are just uncertain about what all this means for them, we’re going to continue to have some polls like that,” Obama said. “And me just making more speeches explaining it in and of itself won’t do it. The test of this is going to be is it working. And if it works, it will be pretty darn popular.”

The administration has ramped up its public-relations push recently, bringing on new healthcare communications strategists and enlisting celebrities to help encourage people to sign up for new coverage options.

Obama has also made three speeches just since May about the law. But he downplayed those efforts in the Times interview, saying full implementation is the real test.

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