The EPIC Delusion Of Chris Matthews – Claims Obama Has “Never Done Anything Wrong In His Life”

June 6, 2013 2:26 pmViews: 4008

Yes, Chris Matthews is delusional

Chris Matthews is known for his off the chart love for liberal politicians as he makes no bones about his admiration for Bill Clinton and now for Barack Obama. And being that we have a black president for the first time in our nation's history, any criticism of Obama sends Matthews off into a delusional rant about racism.

Matthews had actually been critical of Obama the recent IRS and AP phone records scandals surrounding his administration a few weeks ago, but Chrissy is now back to his usual man crush histrionics as is evident with yesterday's rant on Hardball. And this one is probably an all time classic in its level of delusion.

Besides saying that Obama's family is "picture-perfect" Matthews also said about the President, "He’s never done anything wrong in his life." You can't get any further from the mental institution than that. Pretty stunning.

Read the deluded transcript below and then watch the video after that in utter amazement:

Why do they get the idea, if it isn’t ethnic, and I’ll just leave the possibility that it’s not. Why do they just assume evil on the part of Obama?

I mean he’s raised his whole life has been crystal clear and clean as a whistle and transparent. We know his whole life through all the great excellent education he’s had. The good pro bono work he’s done through his life. He’s never been a money grubber. He’s never done anything wrong in his life legally, ethically, whatever. His family is picture-perfect. The way he’s raised those daughters. Everything is clean as a whistle. And yet, they just refer to him as evil. They just refer to him as a liar.

I’ve got to believe it’s ethnic with these people. They just got a problem with this guy being president, is there any other evidence to justify why they keep calling him a bad man? And that’s what they do.

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