The Governing Authorities Deception Part 1 of 6: The Federal Reserve Counterfeiting Operation

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Government Counterfeiting money Obama operation

In the Christian Bible the Apostle Paul implores believers to "Obey the government authorities" in his letter to Roman adherents of the faith, however, after reading this 6 part series on the deception of those so-called "governing authorities" you may not think obeying them is really the right thing to do.

As most of the world's leaders throughout history have subscribed to their own agenda for their own personal gain, so did those same Roman leaders Paul suggested the local citizens pay homage to. Due to the very great possibility Cesar would get a hold of, or at least be made aware of his letter, was Paul merely covering his own hide possibly because he was on the equivalent of Rome's modern day "terrorist watch list?"

But let's not get too deep into ancient Rome for we have our own concerns of this day.

Should we trust the United States Government? Should we place our lives into the service of those that run our nation? Should we trust the judicial process? Should we even bother to vote? Should we obey our modern day governing authorities? Why or why not? What if they were outright stealing from us? Would you trust your neighbor if he were coming into your house on a daily basis and pilfering your cash drawer?

Money makes the world go round. It pays your bills, buys you food, keeps a roof over your head and allows you to enjoy your leisure time to some extent. Most of us strive to a certain extent to make more of it so we can either live a more comfortable lifestyle or so we can waste more of it on stuff we don't need to impress people we don't like. Whatever the reason, most of us want more.

But even when we make more, the government is there to take more through taxes, fees, regulations and fines if we don't do things in accordance with their rules. But that is only part of the way government funds itself and takes our human capital, the other, much more deceptive way involves the United States Government in an insidious and illegal counterfeiting operation that would send any one of us mere subjects to jail for the rest of our lives if we were to engage in the same behavior. The government gets away with it only because their guns are bigger.

So, exactly how is the government counterfeiting our money?

Well, let's ponder this for a minute...when a counterfeiter prints their own money, it is in reality a worthless piece of paper. And when the government prints their version of money, it is also printed on a worthless piece of paper. Unlike our money made before August 15, 1971, money is no longer backed by anything of value. We simply have a monetary system based on a false sense of trust that our colorful cash is actually worth something, when in reality it is not.

But it gets worse than that, because our government can't even begin to pay the interest on its financial obligations. So, what are our "governing authorities" doing to pay off just the interest on their debt? Why, they are printing money out of thin air. In other words, the are purposely, wantonly, aggressively creating money that does not exist and is based on no collateral at all. In other words, the Federal Reserve is involved in the most egregious form of counterfeiting in the history of the world.

Currency in the United States became widely used after the Civil War and was called United States Notes which were issued by the US Treasury. The US Notes were redeemable on demand for gold. Even though US Notes were used up until 1971, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave us the precursor of our current form of currency known as the Federal Reserve Note. In 1913 another entity, a private one at that, was authorized to print currency. And once again, this currency was redeemable on demand for something of real value, gold.

However, in 1963 that all changed and the Federal Reserve Note ceased becoming a note, which is an actual promise to pay. In 1963 the redemption clause was removed from Fed issued currency and replace with the claim, "this note is legal tender for all debts public and private." This is the moment in the history of the United States that all our money be fiat and these so called notes were no better than the Continental dollars the Constitution effectively rendered useless.

Even though an actual dollar is defined by the coinage act of 1972 as a specific weight of gold or silver, that is not what Federal Reserve Notes currently are. They cannot be redeemed at the US Treasury, any bank or at the Federal Reserve for that equivalent amount in sliver or gold. They are in effect worthless pieces of paper. Just because a private entity, The Federal Reserve, prints "xx" amount of "Dollars" on a piece of paper does not make it a real dollar any more than you or I doing the same thing.

Essentially the same devaluation has happened to our coinage when in 1964 every bit of silver was removed from all coinage and replaced with nickle and copper alloy to make them look like silver coins. Coins used to have real value, but they are now worthless pieces of metal. In other words, they are 100% counterfeit.

This is what the governing authorities have done to our currency and coinage. They are no longer worth anything and they no longer represent anything of real value.

And you think they deserve our trust and obedience?

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