The Governing Authorities Deception Part 2 of 6: Most Of Our Leaders Are Sociopaths

January 26, 2015 12:54 pmViews: 266

Sociopathic political leaders - Obama, Pelosi

Part 1 of the Governing Authorities Deception is HERE.

What is it that makes a person want to go into politics? Some people do it because they really want to make a difference. Some people do it because they want to control people. And some people do it because they just love making policy and they need a job. Some people also use politics as a vehicle to getting wealthy. Others are already wealthy when they go into politics and one wonders why they would want such a job.

Take former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for example, what would make a man who is already fabulously wealthy, to the tune of around $33 billion at present, want to take on the monumental headaches of a political career when they could spend the rest of their lives simply enjoying their vast wealthy and giving money away to worthy causes?

Is it maybe because he is a sociopath?

Everyone knows what a busybody, policy wonk Bloomberg was when he acted as Mayor of New York. From his overreaching attempt to ban large sugary soft drinks, to his attempts to implement unconstitutional controls on the use of firearms when he had no idea (or he was totally lying) about what a semi-automatic weapon or an assault weapon even was, Bloomberg clearly displayed the egotistical, want to be in control, flat out lying personality of a sociopath.

And for Bloomberg's nanny approach to governing, he took a verbal beating and was relentlessly made fun of for his out of touch ways of societal management. Most people in the norms of everyday life would not want to expose themselves to such constant ridicule from the press or from society at large, but the near sociopathic Bloomberg seemed to absolutely bask in the embarrassment.

And then we have Barack Obama. What more can be said than you've probably already heard about how this poser of a president has utterly and completely lied his way through being the most powerful leader in the world for the last 6 years? Is there something every voting person in the United States didn't understand when the black charmer told us all, "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan?"

From Fast and Furious, to Benghazi, to solar energy, to numbers of jobs and the labor force participation rate, to the national debt, to working with Republicans and who's really responsible for and unwilling to work towards a compromise and the big healthcare, Obamacare disaster and takeover of a major portion of our economy, to the IRS' Lois Lerner losing, then deleting, then never even looking for her emails, no one has ever seen lies as deep, far and wide as we have seen from the black charmer who promised to be a completely different leader. Exactly the opposite of what Obama promised, his administration turned out to be as opaque as an iron curtain.

Is there anyone else who could be involved in that level of deception and look at the camera while talking to millions of Americans and feel nothing while telling the most bald faced lie America has ever heard? Is there anyone else other than a sociopath who could do that? Not only are sociopaths living next door to you, they also live in the White House and haunt the halls of Congress. And we are supposed to trust these individuals for what reason?

Maybe we need a full scale battery of psychological tests done up on anyone going into politics at any level higher than a homeowners association president.

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