The Insanity Of Nancy Pelosi: Extending Unemployment Benefits “Could Produce As Many as 300,000 Jobs”

December 30, 2013 11:03 amViews: 2016

Crazy eyes Nancy Pelosi

The liberal left has a few mantras that just never seem to go away no matter how absurd the claims are. They also have a few messengers of their agenda that are clearly insane. Mix those 2 combinations together and you get Nancy Pelosi, the insane messenger of liberal absurdity.

Throw in the mindless meanderings of a liberal, Nobel Prize winning (remember, Barack Obama also won a Nobel Prize) economist in Paul Krugman to bolster your message and you have the absurd notion that unemployment benefits create jobs. In Nancy Pelosi's alternate universe she actually believes that mathematically impossible notion and can say unemployment benefits, "could produce as many as 300,000 jobs" without as much as batting an eye.

It's pretty basic math to understand giving people money they don't earn on a long term basis is not good for the economy. Liberals want federal unemployment extended after state unemployment benefits of 26 weeks have run out. Federal benefits ran out today, December 30th and there is no plan to extend them, thus liberals have started up the "unemployment benefits create jobs" mantra again. They of course are blaming Republicans for not buying into their insanity, as usual.

What liberals never seem to realize about these benefits is that they are little more than just moving a resource of money around in the economy. The money to pay state unemployment benefits is an insurance pool, however, federal unemployment benefits have to come from productive people and are given to unproductive people. That may sound cruel, but it is the truth. Regardless of how long people go without jobs, when you reallocate money from productive people to non-productive people, there are consequences.

Ms Pelosi is under the delusion that people spend this money and that creates demand and that in turn creates jobs, when in reality, jobs and resources are simply moved from point A to point B. Productive people also spend money, but the major point Pelosi and her liberal cohorts fail to realize, is that productive people earned the money, it was not given to them by taking it from someone else. When you move resources from the productive economy to the unproductive economy any jobs created are only temporary. At some point you run out of the resource or the resource stops and then what do you suppose happens to the people hired in that fake economy?

Liberals would put them on unemployment benefits too, after they first blame Republicans for not acting fast enough.

Read more below from The Hill:

. . . Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ratcheted up pressure on Republicans wary of another extension. In a statement issued Friday, she called the pending expiration “immoral,” and blamed GOP lawmakers for allowing it to happen. [...]

Democrats rebut that demand by arguing the extension of benefits is actually an economic boon. Pelosi and others point to analysis that shows an extension would allow the unemployed to continue pumping money into the economy, driving economic growth and job creation.

Given those economic perks, Pelosi and other Democrats contend that blocking an extension over cost concerns misses the mark.

“Every dollar invested in this initiative yields $1.52 in economic growth, and an extension of UI could produce as many as 300,000 jobs,” she said on Friday.

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