The Left Is Already Exploiting Hurricane Sandy To Go After Romney And Right Wing Nut Jobs

October 31, 2012 11:53 amViews: 161

As former President Obama Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel once said, "Never let a crisis go to waste" the liberal left is going into full Hurricane Sandy exploitation mode. Just as they are 99% of the time the first ones to pull the race card in any issue where they simply don't have any facts and want to cover up on the President's real record, liberals have now played the global warming, big oil card with the Frankenstorm that just hit the Northeast.

While the left leaning media would use any excuse to go after Romney or any conservative for that matter for politicizing the destruction and devastation a storm like hurricane Sandy causes, they of course, wait their customary 48 hours and then go into full liberal blame game mode. The sad exploitation of an issue like this and their attacking people that disagree with their mostly bizarre positions on issues in general, is becoming rather predictable. In their attempt to become relevant, they are turning into a sad caricature of formerly decent news reporting.

Here's the brief rundown of the left leaning media's exploitation of Hurricane Sandy from NewsBusters. I'm sure this is only the beginning.

Yesterday afternoon, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir started a panel discussion by claiming that “people are wondering today if the current hurricane has anything to do with global change, climate change, global warming,” and then mentioned the “right-wing nut jobs” supporting Romney.

Fellow MSNBC host Steve Kornacki summed up: “Mitt Romney’s role, if he’s President, his role in the Republican Party will be to implement the agenda of the Republican Party and the agenda of the Republican Party is very clear when it comes to climate change, it’s skepticism, it’s hostility to the idea of cap and trade, it’s pro coal, it’s things like this, so — it’s pro drilling, pro-pipeline, it’s all of that.”

Similarly, on his PBS show last night, host Tavis Smiley yearned for the Obama campaign to politicize the storm: “There are some real issues in this storm that the Obama campaign could raise,” he told Politico’s Jonathan Martin, citing how Romney has supposedly “made a mockery of global warming and climate change.”

And on Current-TV, left-wing hosts Cenk Uygur and Jennifer Granholm all but blamed the bad weather on greedy oil companies. Uygur added his own made-up conclusion to a Romney press statement about the storm: “And, of course, he also added, ‘My campaign will be run by the big oil companies, so if I’m President you can expect a lot more of these kinds of storms over the next four years because I don’t give a damn about climate change and the storms that they produce.’ Oh, that was not part of the official statement. Okay.”

Uygur also blasted the media for what he called a lack of “accurate” coverage: “You know that there were 94 mentions of Hurricane Sandy in the newspapers. Not one mentioned climate change.”

Can we expect anything less from the liberal media these days? They are oh so good at confirming their own bias as usual.

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