The Obama Administration Has Proposed And Posted 68 New Regulations And Notices Per Day In The Last 90 Days

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Don't think President Obama is a champion bureaucrat and absolutely loves government regulation? Well, if you didn't know it, the president and his administration has posted 6,125 new relations and notices in the last 90 days making for an average of 68 per day. These notifications and regulations cover everything from more Clean Air policies, to fee schedules, to meeting notifications, to regulations on how to can a Jamaican fruit. It is simply never ending.

Mind you, all this incredible bureaucracy comes from a President that campaigned, some say for 4 years his entire first term, on the promise that he wanted to cut unnecessary regulation and do a complete government-wide review of regulations on the books. You can check out the new and proposed regulations at the aptly named website to stay up on all the never ending minutiae of government and the Obama administration.

Here's what CNS News has to say about all the regulations and the government website:

In the past 90 days, it has posted 6,125 regulations and notices – an average of 68 a day.

The website allows visitors to find and comment on proposed regulations and related documents published by the U.S. federal government. "Help improve Federal regulations by submitting your comments," the website says.

The thousands of entries run the gamut from meeting notifications to fee schedules to actual rules and proposed rule changes.

In recent days, for example, the EPA posted a proposed rule involving volatile organic compound emissions from architectural coatings: “We are approving a local rule that regulates these emission sources under the Clean Air Act (CAA or the Act),” the proposed rule states. “We are taking comments on this proposal and plan to follow with a final action.”

Another proposed rule will provide guidance for FDA staff on "enforcement criteria for canned ackee, frozen ackee, and other ackee products that contain hypoglycin A."  (Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica; unripened or inedible portions can be toxic.)

Some of the proposed regulations revise regulations already on the books.

The website also links to a video of a speech President Barack Obama gave at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 7, 2011, in which the president promised to remove “outdated and unnecessary regulations.”

“I've ordered a government-wide review, and if there are rules on the books that are needlessly stifling job creation and economic growth, we will fix them,” the president said.

As we can see from what the president has said in the past and what his actual actions have been, he has no intention of curbing teh size of government and government regulations at all. Welcome to life in Obama's empire!

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