The Obamacare Girl Has Gone Missing

October 28, 2013 3:46 pmViews: 3633

Obamacare girl

For some reason that no one seems to know, the original female that was the face of the disastrous Obamacare launch and website crash has disappeared.

When launched on October 1, visitors were greeted by the woman above which was probably a stock photo that can be purchased at many different commercial photo sites around the web. But just a day ago or so, the woman's picture disappeared and has been replaced with 4 buttons for getting more information on Obamacare.

No telling what happened, but the rumor is the actual person behind the photo did not want to have her face associated with such a disaster as Obamacare. That rumor has not been substantiated as of yet.

This is what now looks like:

Obamacare girl is missing

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