The Rev Jesse Jackson Calls Ted Cruz A Clown, Obama A Wise Man

September 26, 2013 1:30 pmViews: 4348

Race baiting clown Jesse Jackson

After the marathon Ted Cruz Obamacare filibuster where he basically eviscerated the disastrous health care law Obama and his partners in crime have thrusted onto the American public, the critics have come out in full force. Of course none of them even remotely touch on what Cruz actually said nor do they debate the facts of Obamacare, it is all about tearing apart the messenger.

And guess who is the champion of missing the point, distorting the facts, race baiting any issue and tearing apart the message and the messenger? That would be the Reverend Jesse Jackson who called Senator Ted Cruz a "clown" while he referred to the Dear Great Leader Obama as a "wise man."

This can only come from a man who's main purpose in life seems to be to get publicity for himself and inflame racial tensions as much as he can with his racist clone Al Sharpton. Jackson also suggested Obamacare should be renamed "Obamacares" (with an "s" on the end) because Obama cares so much for the little guy. Is that the same little guy who is helping pay for Obama's multi-million dollar vacations and jaunts across the globe via our tax dollars. Yea, Obamacares alright, he just loves spending our money, Mr Jackson.

Read more below from US News Washington Whispers:

It was “night and day” hearing President Obama and President Clinton’s health care chat versus Sen. Ted Cruz’s, R-Texas, 21-hour “filibuster,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr., tells Whispers. “Such clowning really helps President Obama, to see the contrast between the wise man and the clown,” Jackson said Wednesday.

Jackson has been in attendance at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual confab in New York this week and felt POTUS laid out the Affordable Care Act well when talking to Clinton Tuesday.

“I thought that talking it out with Bill made the issue simpler than just sound bites you see on TV,” Jackson gushed.

Despite the chatter on Capitol Hill, the civil rights activist felt the law was firmly in place. “It’s really Obamacares,” Jackson said. “Cares for the people transitioning between jobs…cares for health care for everybody. Obamacares is more appropriate language,” he said.

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