“The Science Guy” Bill Nye Sees Big Oil Conspiracy Behind Global Warming Skepticism

February 17, 2014 3:20 pmViews: 951

Bill Nye on Meet the Press

I generally like The Science Guy Billy Nye for his nerdy look at our world from the scientific perspective, but this past Sunday Bill participated in a rather biased gang up on Representative Marsha Blackburn with David Gregory on NBC's Meet The Press.

With a prompting from host David Gregory, Bill Nye scolded Rep Blackburn for, "introducing scientific uncertainty" into the global warming debate and then when the Congresswoman tried to respond, less than 30 seconds into her response David Gregory interrupted her and tried to rudely correct her about the lack of so-called consensus on the issue of climate change.

So much for unbiased reporting.

But the most outrageous part of the exchange came when Bill Nye suggested it was the evil "fossil fuel industry" (read, "Big Oil") who has introduced the "politics" of uncertainly into the debate.

No, I don't suppose NBC's Obama loving Meet The Press host David Gregory and liberal Bill Nye ganging up on Republican Marsha Blackburn has anything to do with politics either. Does it?

Read more below from National Review Online and then watch the exchange in the video after that:

This morning, Meet the Press hosted a discussion about climate change between Bill Nye of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” fame and Representative Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican. During their conversation, Nye argued that Big Oil is responsible for doubt over the science of global warming.

“This is unscientific, it is not logical,” he said. “It is a way, apparently, that the fossil-fuel industry has dealt with our politics. And this is not good.”

Representative Marsha Blackburn responded by arguing that the warming has been “very slight” and that, even if Nye’s arguments were all correct, that wouldn’t mean progressive policy proposals would fix the identified problems.

“Even Director McCarthy from the EPA in answering questions from Congressman Pompeo before our committee said reaching all of the 26 U.S. goals is not going to have an impact globally,” Blackburn said. “What we have to look at is the fact that you don’t make good laws, sustainable laws, when you’re making them on hypotheses or theories or unproven sciences.”

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