These 11 Photos Prove Hillary Clinton Is A Tired Old Woman Who Should Never Be President

January 9, 2015 9:32 amViews: 90030

These are the photos that Team Hillary probably doesn't want you to see. Why? Because they make Hillary Clinton look like the tired, old, mean woman she really is. And who wants a tired, old, mean woman who's husband is a sex offender to be president?

From Hillary's failed attempt as First Lady to implement Hillary Care (which would have been illegal, since the First Lady has no legislative power), to her disastrous coddling to a wimpy Commander In Chief as a Secretary of State, to the murderous crime of Benghazi that no one has had to face any consequences over as of yet, Hillary Clinton has absolutely NO business being President of the United States.

Check out the photos of the tired old hag who wants to rule this country. God forbid. Please pass them around...

1. She must have poked herself in the eye apparently...

Hillary Clinton is an old hag

2. Hillary has a flat hair day...

Hillary Clinton flat hair day

3. Seriously, me, I worked for a freakin community agitator?

Hillary Clinton old hag say what?

4. Yes, right now, I do regret that bottle of Jack Daniels last night.

Hillary Clinton tired old hag

5. If YOU only knew what I know about Bill...

Hillary Clinton thinks about Bill

6. Joy, one more event filled weekend at the UN.

Hillary Clinton sleeps at the UN

7. Jet lag takes its toll and it ain't pretty...

Hillary Clinton thinks about old age

8. What the hell do you mean there aren't any M&M's at the afterparty?

Hillary Clinton isn't happy

9. Eye of newt and wing of bat, mix it all up and drink from the vat...

Hillary Clinton plotting to rule the world

10. ...'Did John brush his teeth this morning?'

Hillary Clinton kisses John McCain

11. "Benghazi, Smenghazi, what difference does it make?"

Hillary Clinton is a seriously old hag

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