These Photos Show How Much Fun It Was When George W Bush Showed Up For Jury Duty

August 10, 2015 1:26 pmViews: 770

George W Bush Dallas courthouse entrance

Much fun was had when George W. Bush showed up unexpectedly for jury duty at a Dallas area courthouse. Apparently even ex-presidents of the United States are not exempt from their civic duty and last Wednesday in Dallas Texas, the former Commander in Chief came in to preform his duty early in the morning.

Of course everyone was quite surprised and did not expect to see such a celebrity at the courthouse. If you have ever had jury duty you know it can be one of the more excruciatingly boring things you have participate in as you do little more than get up early and go sit and do nothing for hours on end. So, we're pretty sure everyone who had jury duty in this Dallas courthouse had quite a good time this day.

Bush was in the courthouse for approximately 3 hours (along with his detail of Secret Service protection), but he did not get picked to serve on a jury.

Check out the photos below...

Bush at Dallaa courthouse

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