Third Presidential Debate Format Favors Mitt Romney Over Obama

October 19, 2012 8:55 amViews: 82

Fresh off the second debate town hall style and with assistance from Candy Crowley who wrongly tried to correct Romney on what Obama said about the embassy attack in Libya, President Obama will face Challenger Mitt Romney one last time on Monday evening October 22.

This debate format, identical to the first presidential debate moderated by PBS' Jim Lehrer, will favor Mitt Romney as it did in the previous one. The second presidential debate moderated by CNN's Candy Crowley was much easier for the President to do better in for one basic reason - President Obama got "work the room" and get personal with people as he tried to spread his propaganda. Much of the time he also did not have to look at Governor Romney or the moderator (who was partisan to his cause in debate number 2) as he told fib after fib after fib.

When the President has to look at his challenger with a straight face and look at a moderator who isn't going to help him out like Crowley did, he is forced to sing a different tune and cannot be as confident in his rhetoric. But when he can walk around a stage without the constrains of a podium and look at the people who are asking him favorable questions and his opponent negative questions, he obviously will do better ion that setup.

As we saw in last Tuesday's second debate, President Obama has no problem whatsoever lying to people he probably thinks don't know any better. If you heard the room full of so-called undecided voters clap when Candy Crowley wrongly tried to correct Romney, you could see how stacked the audience was against President Obama's challenger.

The reason President Obama did so much better in the second debate, was because In that format he can lie about Mitt Romney's policies, he can lie about what he said about 4 Americans being killed, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, at our embassy in Benghazi Libya, he can lie about his own record, he can lie about jobs and the economy, he can lie about the GM bailout and how GM's current stock price means the government actually lost $14 billion on the whole deal and he's right up there in the audience's business where no one is going to challenge him and rebut his distortions.

When the President can lie with impunity or with very little challenge, he is very comfortable doing so, but when he has to look his challenger in the eye and lie as he tried to the first time around, he won't do as well and he might even look as sad as he did in the first Presidential debate.

The only way the president will be any challenge at all to Romney in this third and final debate is if he just throws all caution to the wind since his poll numbers are down below Romney's now, and just says figuratively, 'what do I have to lose?' But, if he gets too outrageous with the lies, he might just ultimately do himself and his campaign in. He has to temper his lies and not look like a desperate fool.

Presidential Debate number three will certainly be interesting. Make sure to tune in and watch the fun.

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