This Blows Away Obama’s Claim That Mass Shootings Don’t Happen in Other Countries

June 23, 2015 12:39 pmViews: 1024

Obama mass killings

It is hard to fathom that anyone can even begin to believe anything President Obama has to say these days. He has basically run a sound bite presidency pitting rich against poor, black against white and Republican against Democrat. He talks a good line of wanting to bring us together and heal our nation, all the while his speeches are filled with the rhetoric of division, lawlessness and hate.

And as we recover as a nation from the horrible act of violence in Charleston, S.C. where 9 innocent people were gunned down at a church prayer meeting, President Obama has once again immediately politicized this tragedy to push his anti-gun, anti-constitutional agenda.

Here is the rhetoric filled quote Obama keeps repeating after the Charleston shooting:

“There’s no other advanced nation on earth that tolerates multiple shootings on a regular basis and considers it normal. This doesn’t happen with the same frequencies in other countries.”

There is so much to that completely inaccurate comment, I hardly know where to start. Why would President Obama make the absurd claim that our nation tolerates these violent acts and considers them normal? I can't think of a single person who would consider senseless acts of violence such as this as somehow approaching normalcy. In fact, this statement about mass shootings overall is such a lie that Politifact has rated his comment as "Mostly False."

Every sane minded person whether they are black or white, or own a gun or don't own a gun is outraged by what happened in Charleston and none of them consider it normal or tolerate it. But from listening to the Divider in Chief, you would think there is a group of people out there that don't care at all about these things happening and that just because we have lots of guns in the United States, that is somehow the root of the problem.

Guns really are not the problem, it is sick, twisted minds that are either mentally unstable from birth, or they have been conditioned by many, many factors that have turned them into violent, sadistic individuals. If people are violent and sick and are hellbent on killing people, they will find a way to do it.

It is interesting to note that when it comes to the most violent nations on Earth, the United States is not even in the top 10. That's right, when you add up all the ways that people are murdering other people in total, the US gun murder rate doesn't even register. When we are talking about violence and murder as a whole and all of the ways people kill each other, guns are way down the list behind hammers, knives, ropes and even bare hands.

And when we do talk about President Obama's quote that mass killings don't happen in other countries here are 3 specific example out of many that they actually do:

On July 22, 2011, a total of 80 people were killed in Norway when Anders Behring Breivik, a political extremist, bombed a government building in Oslo and then went on a shooting rampage on the island of Utoya, just outside the city.

On March 11, 2009, in Winnenden, Germany, a teenage gunman killed 15 people. The majority of the victims were children and teachers killed when the shooter opened fire in three classrooms in a local secondary school. The gunman shot two other people before killing himself after being cornered by the local police.

On Sept. 23, 2008, in Kuahajoki, Finland, a gunman shot 10 people to death after opening fire on a classroom in the Kuahajoki School of Hospitality. After killing the students, the shooter burned the victims’ bodies.

And just to conclude it is not guns that are the problem, but violence instead, back in March of 2014, 29 people were killed and 130 were injured when 10 people stormed a train station in China. All deaths and injuries were caused by stabbing or being hacked as the only weapons used, were knives.

I wonder if President Obama would like to discuss the problem of mass injuries and killings by knife attacks in China?

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