This Church Was Told “Take Down Your Flag”, But Their Response Is EPIC

July 9, 2015 4:43 pmViews: 1418

Christian flag above American flag

Because of the secularization of our country over the last few decades and recent Supreme Court decisions, North Carolina pastor Rit Varriale decided to fly the Christian flag above above the American flag as a form of protest. However, Pastor Varriale was challenged Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she asked him, "What is your message in flying the Christian over the American flag?"

Pastor Varriale explained, “God is first, It you’re a monotheist and you believe God is the highest authority then you have to stop when any human authority would try to get you to dishonor that commitment to God. And that’s where we’re at right now.”

With the way things are going today we have to agree with Pastor Varriale and his protest. It is crazy how much power the Supreme Court thinks they have with taking prayer put of school, abortion rulings and of course the most recent decision legalizing homosexual marriage.

Watch the video below to see more or what Pastor Varriale has to say about why he flew the Christian flag above the American flag:

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