This is One Happy “Hillary For Prison 2016″ T-shirt Owner

August 24, 2015 12:15 pmViews: 539

Hillary for prison T-shirt

I finally got it in the mail the other day! YES! My Hillary For Prison 2016 T-Shirt got here and I couldn't be happier.

Right now I'm wearing it around the apartment complex and getting mostly positive responses. When people get a look at what the t-shirt really says, most are giving a thumbs up.

There are several bumper stickers, yard signs and other t-shirts going around that really show the support for Hillary for Prison as I think many people really think that's exactly what she deserves for her actions in Benghazi and all of her scandals.

And of course Hillary Clinton's latest scandal with her private email server in her home that we now find out contains highly classified documents sent and received by her server, is just one more reason Hillary deserves prison, not the White House.

If you want a Hillary For Prison T-Shirt, you can get one HERE!

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