This is the #1 Reason People Are Voting for Hillary Clinton And it Will Make You SICK

April 21, 2015 12:08 pmViews: 2118

Hillary Clinton qualifications

This next election cycle will prove whether or not America can muster up the courage to choose a leader based on character, statesmanship and the real qualifications to be President of the United States.

Unfortunately, many people voted for Barack Hussein Obama based on nothing other than the fact he was black. Obama was totally unqualified for the job as president because he had almost zero governing experience, he had no military experience, he had never owned a business and he was little more than an organizer of people who had been hoodwinked into demanding more from the government. Yet people still voted for him. Why? Because he was black.

So why do you think college students support Hillary Clinton?

Because she's a woman. Seriously. While she definitely has more experience in government than Obama had, that still doesn't matter to many people, especially college students. They simply would like to see a woman as president, just because they think it's time. God help us.

Watch college students being interviewed about why they would vote for Hillary in the video below:

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