This Video Captures The True Nature of Pit Bulls – It’s An Eye-Opener

August 6, 2014 2:24 pmViews: 894

Doogie wweet pit bull

Pit Bulls get blamed for everything when most of the time it is the owner mistreating their dog, or specifically training them to be mean or fight. But in the video below you will meet Doogie who shows, just like any other dog, he has a really sweet disposition.

Doogie is one lucky dog. Shane, his owner, serenades him with a sweet, funny, and original song on guitar and Doogie shows that he loves it, snuggling up to Shane and resting on his shoulder. Doogie eventually tackles Shane, knocking him backwards and licking his face in a fit of pure happiness.

It's worth watching the whole video till the end just to see what happens.

Watch the video below:

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