This Viral Meme by Sara Palin Puts Cecil the Lion and Planned Parenthood Butchery in SERIOUS Perspective

July 30, 2015 10:13 pmViews: 700

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In the shocking aftermath of what Planned Parenthood is being exposed of doing in the heinous practice of chopping up human babies and selling their individual parts and with all the uproar over the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, Sarah Palin put out an exceptionally thoughtful meme that really puts the whole thing in perspective.

While it is tragic that a macho dentist who has been in trouble before for bagging big game illegally, happened to shoot and kill a prized lion at a nature park in Zimbabwe, it is even more disgusting what is happening to unborn children who can feel pain at the hands of butchers at Planned Parenthood. But unfortunately, the death of Cecil the lion seems to be getting the majority of the attention.

Along with death threats the dentist/hunter has received, he will now be the subject of a investigation at the hands of The US Fish and Wildlife Service. Interestingly in the case of Planned Parenthood and the wholesale slaughter of human babies and the selling of their individual parts, no such investigation will take place, now or probably ever.

But have a look at the meme Sarah Palin posted from her Facebook page that really puts the whole thing in perspective. as of press time, this meme has generated over 40,000 Likes and almost 14,000 shares.

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