This Viral T-Shirt Says EXACTLY Where Hillary Clinton Should Be Instead of the White House

August 9, 2015 1:15 pmViews: 774

Hillary for Prison 2016

Hillary Clinton wants to be in the White House come election time, but a lot of people would like to see her somewhere else. And where is that somewhere else? Most people think a good place for Hillary Clinton is nowhere else other than PRISON and the viral T-Shirt pictured below expresses that in the best way possible!

Hillary would probably like to see this T-Shirt be banned, but it says a lot about what most people are thinking.

The Hillary For Prison 2016...or Sooner T-shirt is on it's 6th printing and is selling like crazy and if you want to spread the word that Hillary Clinton needs to be in the PRISON instead of the White House, get this shirt because it won't last forever and it could be banned if Hillary gets word.

Check out the t-shirt below. It is also available in hoodies, long sleeve and women's sizes.

Hillary for prison T-Shirt

Order The Hillary For Prison T-Shirt HERE!

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