This YouTube Comment Proves Liberals are Brainwashed About Economics

September 30, 2015 5:54 pmViews: 354

Obama's liberal brainwashing

Where are the thinkers of today? Where are people who can put 2 coherent thoughts together and will stop whining about the life situation they find themselves in and expect the government to fix it for them? What is teh matter with liberals

Seriously, how did we get to the point in America that instead of people going out and creating a life for themselves, an ever expanding number of people somehow now think it is the responsibility of government to make things right and fair and take money from rich people because they are so evil and supposedly do nothing?

As one YouTube Commenter said on a recent video of mine..

"There is a lot of evidence that shows the wealthy can increase the standard of living for the masses while still living above the rest. The average income in the US for a CEO is something like 421x more than his employees."

Wait! What? It's up to the wealthy to increase the standard of living for the masses? Since when?

Right up front, that statistic on CEO pay is flat out wrong. For top CEOs it's around 320 times and for the average CEO it's less than 200 times. We know that accurate statistics are not something liberals pride themselves on. Secondly, Bill Gates already did that and increased many people's standard of living. He employed hundreds of thousands of people, made many of them millionaires, made computers accessible to the masses and life more convenient for millions.

The richest man in the world got that way because he paid way more than his fair share into the system and he was compensated for it. That is how economics works. You will never be compensated for protesting, holding a sign and bitching about rich people.

What the economy really needs is liberals and socialists to stop brainwashing people into thinking government is the the solution to everything.

Watch the video below for more straight talk to liberals...

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