Today Marks 2,000 Military Deaths In Afghanistan

September 30, 2012 11:41 amViews: 117

Today marks a sad milestone for the war in Afghanistan. There are now 2,000 military deaths in that 11 year old conflict that has unfortunately not seen a lot of attention by the media lately. That is except for the spate of recent deaths of US military personnel and others serving the troops by Afghan soldiers, or those that are posing as Afghan soldiers.

Just today there has been another case of US troops being shot and killed by those that are being taught police and military tactics by our forces. Just outside a joint U.S.-Afghan base in Wardak province an Afghan soldier turned his gun on US Troops, American contractors and a group of individuals at a military checkpoint. The latest report has 2 Americans dead, 1 military casualty and 1 civilian contractor, and 2 Afghans dead as well.

Troops deaths are a reality of war, but in this manner with additional American contractors being killed when our troops and contractors are there trying to help the Afghans and bring their war torn country some semblance of order and normalcy, is exceptionally troublesome.

But as not to get distracted to a different discussion, our hearts go out to the families of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. I hope the main stream media gives our troops the honor of at least reporting on this sad milestone of our long war in Afghanistan.

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