Top 7 Reasons Why Bush Was a WAY Better President Than Obama

August 31, 2015 1:55 pmViews: 2230

Bush a better president than Obama

Liberals love to say that Barack Obama is the greatest president since sliced bread and they especially love to compare him to his predecessor, George W. Bush, claiming that Obama was better. But do the statistics and facts prove that to be true. Actually they don't and I know it will make liberals furious, but it's true.

In reality, Barack Obama has been a disaster for America and just because we as a nation elected our first black president, indeed that's the only reason some people voted for him, doesn't mean he was the savior all the Democrats thought he was going to be.

There are so many lies about the Obama presidency, many of them made up by Obama himself and his handlers, it is hard to sort them all out.

In reality, for all his faults, George W. Bush was a much better president than Obama and here are at least 7 reasons he was:

1. The economy is actually worse under Obama than it was under Bush - One of the biggest lies of the Obama presidency was that he cut the deficit. I don't know how liberals can even say this. This is such an outrageous statement it hardly bears any resemblance to reality.

Obama quadrupled the deficit to an all time high of $1.4 trillion and then dropped it to $680 billion and had the audacity to claim he saw "our deficits cut by two thirds." Obama presided over 5 of the 6 largest deficits in US history. That is the truth of the matter.

2. Obama presided over a huge rise in Islamic terrorism and the rise of the barbaric ISIS group - No doubt going into Iraq was not a pretty picture, but because Obama was a completely inept Commander in Chief, he made things much, much worse when our forces let that country. In an effort to keep a campaign promise that was just a bad idea to begin with, he made a hasty retreat from Iraq and left woefully untrained Iraqi troops in charge that ISIS, which was a creation of Obama by giving arms to "less radical" elements of Syrian insurgents, completely steamrolled over.

3. Obama has nearly become an enemy of Israel - Regardless of what you think of Israel, it is the only stable, Democratic form of government in the middle east and one of the only things that stems the tide of the rise of growing radical Islam. Not only has Obama been a weak partner with Israel, he has also illegally tried to influence their elections by sending over his own campaign workers to try and undermine Netanyahu's election. Fortunately Obama failed in that effort.

4. Basic Presidential Leadership - In the days after 9/11, President Bush was standing in the rubble of the Twin Towers as soon as it was deemed safe, Obama on the other hand has been visibly absent in the wake of almost every single national crisis since he has been president. In the wake of Benghazi and after American journalist James Foley, being beheaded by ISIS terrorists, Obama made no public appearance to reassure a shaken nation, he chose to go golfing instead on both occasions.

5. Obama going after government whistleblowers - While many could argue what some whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden had done amounted to treason, they exposed some of the deepest, darkest secrets government was involved in and the response of the Obama administration was to not even air their grievances, but to go after them with the full force of government. Fortunately, Ed Snowden is still a free man, and of course a hero to many.

6. Obama has completely manipulated the stock market - The rise in the stock market is of course seen as an accomplishment of Barack Obama, but what if it was entirely fake and manipulated and has actually made things worse instead of better? Obama presided over the largest creation of fake money in history and pumping that debt into the stock for the last 4 years. Some $3.7 trillion was pumped into the market at the rate of $85 billion a month for nearly 4 years. as of the time of this post the market is down some 2,500 points since it's high just 3 months ago.

All that debt created capital has to be paid back some day. The piper may be calling right now.

7. Obama is the most divisive president in America history - Throughout Obama's initial campaigning, he claimed that he would heal our nation and bring us together, but his track record has been one of constant division and attacking of Republicans, rich people, gun owners, police officers and Christians.

Obama has spent millions traveling around our country vilifying success and wealth creation and has constantly harped on rich people, "paying their fair share." He does this by the way, flying the most expensive plane in the world that a head of state operates costing some $220,000 an hour to fly. Understand that, Obama spends this kind of outrageous money, your tax money, undermining wealth creation.

Yes, we think Bush was a much better president that Obama, by a LONG shot.


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