Top 7 Weird Obama Pictures – Who Is Barack Obama?

March 16, 2015 12:01 pmViews: 3734

Barack Obama Pictures

There are some pretty weird Barack Obama pictures going around the net and we have the top 7 Obama photos that will have you asking who is Barack Obama? Really, who exactly is this guy elected by our non thinking voting public?

The title says 7 photos, but actually, there is a bonus Obama picture, so there are really 8 weird Obama photos, but in reality, just do a quick Google, there are lots more than 8 strange Obama photos. They are all over the net.

Here is the list of photos, you will have to watch the video after the list to see the photos.


1. Obama with Bunny Washington Monument - Seriously bizarre. Who would want to preserve this for presidential posterity

2. Obama On His, Wearing Bike Mom Jeans - Obama on a bike, wearing a helmet, wearing mom jeans. What could be more cool?

3. Obama With the Big Bunny - What is with Obama and this psycho bunny? And why doesn't he stop scaring the kids?

4. Obama Ring - What's all the controversy about Obama's wedding ring and why has he been wearing it since BEFORE he was married?

5. Obama Attacking or Hugging Screaming Woman - Obama hugs this woman in a Washington DC restaurant and she freaks out. It looks more like he is attacking her.

6. Obama Reading A Story and Making Strange Face - Obama is reading a story to school children and it looks like he is scaring the kids.

7. Obama with a Pirate - Obama invites a pirate to the Oval Office right after he claims he doesn't have time to meet with Israeli Prim Minister Benjamin Netayahu. Smooth move.

8. Here's a bizarre bonus Obama picture - Obama with a snow cone. Did you know the human mouth could open that wide? Neither did we.

Watch the video to see the photos:

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