Toy Water Gun Commercial You Will Likely Never See Again

April 6, 2013 10:34 amViews: 2901

This is what commercials for boys were like back in 1982 right before wimpy and deceitful politicians took over and try to make boys as soft as girls with political correctness. Not only are our wimpy politicians trying to turn boys into wimps, they would never tolerate a commercial like the one below even though it is only for water guns. However, we can have all kinds of violent video games where you rob and steal from people and vicariously kill in fantasy robberies and battles.

Fantasy killing in video games where you actually see blood, guts and people getting blown away is perfectly fine in the world we live in today, but harmless water gun fights like we had years ago are verboten.

Watch the video below and just imagine what Senator Dianne Feinstein would say if this commercial were to ever appear on TV again...

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