Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: Obama Will Not Agree To ANY Spending Cuts On Upcoming Budget

July 28, 2013 7:58 pmViews: 4502

Obama is not cutting spending

Apparently the crash and burn of one of America's most prosperous cities, Detroit Michigan, isn't an example enough to Barack Obama that endless spending is not a good thing. Appearing on two Sunday morning talk shows, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew basically told both the host of ABC's This Week and NBC's Meet The Press, Obama isn't going to sign any budget bill that includes any spending cuts and then went on to say, "Congress (meaning Republicans) can't let us default."

Just so you get the meaning of what Treasury Secretary Lew is saying, let's spell it out. Barack Obama is going to get exactly what he wants, he's going to ask for as much money as he wants, he's not willing to make any deals, and if he doesn't get exactly what he wants, he's going to blame it all on the Republicans. The most immature President of the United States we have ever seen, Barack Hussein Obama, is more or less saying F U to the Republicans because he has a doting press that swoons over him and no matter how ludicrous his demands are when it comes to the budget (or anything for that matter), the State Run Media will never blame him for economic problems.

Our president is a monster.

Read more on the insanity of even trying to deal with Obama on budget matters from below:

On ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew threatened that President Obama would veto any bill cutting domestic spending, and said Obama would not hold negotiations of any sort on the debt ceiling.

“Congress can’t let us default,” Lew said. “Congress has to do its work… I certainly hope that Congress isn’t looking to create confrontations and false crises because we did see, in 2011, how bad that is for the American economy. The mere fact of negotiating over the debt limit, after 2011, would introduce this notion that somehow there’s a question about whether or not we’re going to pay our bills, whether or not we’re going to protect the full faith and credit of the United States.”

Lew continued by saying that Congress might actually move in the other direction by replacing sequestration’s automatic spending cuts. He specifically cited Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John McCain (R-AZ) as possible negotiators with the White House – he said they would be meeting with White House staff to discuss other spending options. On NBC’s Meet the Press, Lew said, “What the president said - and has written to Congress is – that they cannot fix the problems created by the across-the-board cuts– known as sequestration by cutting domestic priorities in order to fund defense. That’s unacceptable…He won’t sign that.”

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