Trey Gowdy Just Sent A Massive Message to Obama That’s Making the White House Very Nervous

June 9, 2015 8:53 pmViews: 3533

Trey Gowdy vs Barack Obama

Last Wednesday during an Committee hearing with members of the State Department regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's personal e-mails and her own personal server, Rep. Trey Gowdy asked for complete assurance that all the information he has subpoenaed from Hillary has now been collected.

In a very timid fashion, Chief Freedom of Information Act Officer Joyce A. Barr stated that she has been "assured" by Clinton they now have everything and they are taking her word for it. Barr indicated, that is how it works with any federal employee including her high priestess Hillary Clinton. Somehow, we just don't believe Barr, nor do we believe Hillary Clinton's "assurance" either.

Of course the brilliant prosecutorial skills of Gowdy led him to ask Barr if there were any other high-level cabinet members, also important and busy, who used personal e-mail servers, such as, guess who?

Here's what Gowdy asked:

What about President Obama -- is there any indication -- because if you're going to pursue the theory of convenience, I can’t really imagine a busier person on the globe than President Obama. Did he have his own personal server?

Watch the rather nervous exchange below:

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