Turncoat Republican Charlie Crist: Americans Have a Right to Free Food, Water, Shelter [VIDEO]

February 11, 2014 12:37 pmViews: 532

Turncoat Traitor Charlie Crist

The world's most famous traitor Republican, Charlie Crist was on MSNBC's The Ed Show this past Monday showing his true opportunistic, gas bag self.

In the video below, Charlie gives an Obama talking point lecture to Republicans to, "Stop bemoaning the fact that we have a president who's actually been able to accomplish something that really is an incredible civil right. I mean you know, we have a right to food, a right to water, we have a right to shelter, and we have a right to affordable healthcare in this country."

Really Charlie, you have quite the audacity to lecture the very people who got you elected by spouting Conservative positions and then looking for greener pastures when Obama showed up on the scene and you tried to ride his coattails, but got stomped instead.

Charlie Crist was a Republican, who became an independent, who became an Obama loving Democrat because he is from the mold of politicians who really care nothing for their constituents other than to find the largest block of them so he can fool them into getting their votes

The only thing I want to hear from you Mr Crist, is silence.

Watch Charlie try and lecture Republicans in the video below with nothing more that the usual MSNBC/Obama talking points:

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