U.S. Intel Chief Reports Iran Now Has The Ability To Produce Nuclear Weapons

January 30, 2014 9:03 amViews: 531

Iran nuclear weapons missile capability

It looks like we just can't trust anything this our president says or does. The whole so-called Obama brokered deal with the terrorist Islamist nation which lifted their sanctions for nearly meaningless steps they had to take is rendered moot by a recent Senate intel report.

The United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in the report to the Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran now, "has the scientific, technical, and industrial capacity to eventually produce nuclear weapons."

The lame deal the world got with Iran make us no less secure and does not even deal with the nuclear threat Iran could pose. If this so-called deal was off, Iran could be back to exactly its same dangerous behavior with nuclear enrichment for bomb making material in a matter of days.

The world is no less secure with a nuclear capable Iran and an incapable leader like Barack Obama.

Read more below from the Times of Israel:

Iran now has all the technical infrastructure to produce nuclear weapons should it make the political decision to do, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper wrote in a report to a Senate intelligence committee published Wednesday. However, he added, it could not break out to the bomb without being detected.

In the “US Intelligence Worldwide Threat Assessment,” delivered to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Clapper reported that Tehran has made significant advances recently in its nuclear program to the point where it could produce and deliver nuclear bombs should it be so inclined.

“Tehran has made technical progress in a number of areas — including uranium enrichment, nuclear reactors, and ballistic missiles — from which it could draw if it decided to build missile-deliverable nuclear weapons,” Clapper wrote. “These technical advancements strengthen our assessment that Iran has the scientific, technical, and industrial capacity to eventually produce nuclear weapons. This makes the central issue its political will to do so.”

In the past year alone, the report states, Iran has enhanced its centrifuge designs, increased the number of centrifuges, and amassed a larger quantity of low-enriched uranium hexafluoride. These advancements have placed Iran in a better position to produce weapons-grade uranium.

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