Ultimate Irony [VIDEO] – MSNBC Analyst Tells Al Sharpton, “There Are People Who Enjoy The Politics of Race”

January 24, 2014 7:51 amViews: 1127

The race baiting career of Al Sharpton

In what has to be one of the biggest ironies we've ever seen on MSNBC, a guest on Al Sharpton's Politics Nation told the racially obsessed Sharpton that, "there are people who enjoy the politics of race."

The irony is that the guest, MSNBC Executive Editor Richard Wolffe, was trying to point out supposed racism in the Republican party when he in fact was talking face to face with the most racist man in the country. The Reverend Al Sharpton has literally built his entire career exploiting his own race, exploiting the black community and exploiting and shaking down companies based on nothing other than his own racism.

In fact, without Al Sharpton spewing his exploitative hatred for the last 4 decades or more, we would probably be much closer to The Dream that Martin Luther King had of not caring about the color of someone's skin, but as King dreamed, the content of their character. Instead, opportunists like Sharpton and his partner in crime Jesse Jackson have kept the politics of race alive for nearly half a century in this country.

Sharpton, Jackson and networks like MSNBC who obsessively exploit racism for their own gain have shown us the true content of their character.

Read the pertinent part of the transcript below and watch the video after that:

WOLFFE: So I've been covering this from the start, from the get-go when he first started running for President. And there are people who enjoy the politics of race, right? They find that speaking to the kind of sense of victimization really helps their ratings in this case, or maybe it helps them in their particular district. And that to me is much more interesting than what these people are actually arguing. There is nothing more preposterous or predictable than having this cast of characters say it's about racism.

Their whole game is to shout "racist" louder than anyone else. But the interesting thing is their audience actually feeds on this stuff. And that is something quite real. Not what the President is actually saying, but this idea that the country has slipped away from them, the culture has slipped away from them, and the President kind of encapsulates that. It's certainly nothing in what the President says. But that sense of victimization is very real. And that's what they're speaking to.

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