UNBELIEVABLE: The NAACP Wants THIS Done to Georgia’s Stone Mountain

July 20, 2015 1:10 pmViews: 1211

Stone Mountain Georgia

In a move eerily reminiscent of ISIS destroying priceless and irreplaceable statues and artifacts in territory they have overtaken in Iraq, the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP is calling for the removal of the carving depicting 2 Confederate Generals and Confederate President Jefferson Davis on Georgia's Stone Mountain.

In a press release from Richard Rose, the president of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP, he is calling for the removal of the Confederate memorial carving. In the press release, Rose said, "It is time for Georgia and other Southern states to end the glorification of slavery and white supremacy paid for and maintained with the taxes of all its citizens."

There's just one slight problem there Mr Rose, even though Stone Mountain is owned by the State of Georgia, it is self supported by the people who go there to camp, ride the train, look at the exhibits and actually pay to see the Confederate memorial up close and personal because they want to see it. It receives no taxpayer funds.

All this Confederate flag removing, Stone Mountain destroying, race card playing nonsense came out of the tragic shooting in Charleston that killed 9 innocent churchgoers at the hands of a lunatic madman. As if destroying a carving on the side of a mountain would have done anything to prevent that terrible day and bring those people back, liberal nutcases don't look at the heart of the problems of violence in this nation.

A legislator, or in this case the Atlanta NAACP, thinks they have accomplished something by removing a Confederate flag, or attempted to destroy a part of southern history, when in reality, they have have accomplished absolutely nothing. They have created a meaningless effort and essentially a straw man, to attempt to show the world they care or can make a difference, but in reality, their efforts have been a waste of time when their sweat equity could have gone to better, more effective things.

Unfortunately, their efforts have been in vain and violent madmen still exist amongst us.

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