Univision To Air Fast And Furious Scandal “Untold Story”

September 30, 2012 6:01 pmViews: 67

I'm sure President Obama is ready to put to bed the Fast and Furious scandal and he probably thought it was going the way of most of the scandals that don't seem to be able to stick to his presidency. But just when you though it was over, the Univision network is airing the untold story (even though people like Rush and Glenn Beck have been trying to expose this scandal for months) of Fast and Furious this evening at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Dozens or hundreds of people, depending on your sources, have been killed since some 2,000 guns found their way into Mexico and into the hands of drug cartels as part of an undercover operation to track firearms through the Mexican drug trafficking operations. Supposedly, the findings by Univision's Investigative Unit are he "holy grail" of evidence the United States Congress has been trying to uncover without much cooperation from Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama.

Fast and Furious is best known however, by the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry who was killed in a gun battle with a firearm that was part of the botched operation. Many in Congress are also trying to get to the bottom of how involved Eric Holder and the Obama administration have been in the operation since repeated attempts have been made to secure documents from the administration to no avail. Recently though, to the chagrin of many in Congress, Attorney General Holder has been cleared of all wrong doing, by his own department, in the operation. Of course, no one is surprised by that development.

The Obama administration has been going out of its way to avoid any kind of big scandal before the election, but tonight's airing of the Fast and Furious Untold Story may make the charade of this tragedy much harder to ignore. Watch the video preview below:


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