UPDATE: Boston Marathon Explosions – 2 Dead 23 Injured – Blast Videos

April 15, 2013 4:34 pmViews: 1780

Boston Marathon blast photo

The latest update we have is that there are 2 dead and 23 injured at the Boston Marathon today after 2 explosions rocked the finish line area just before 3 pm local time today. And the New York Post is saying there are 12 dead and 50 injured but as of this posting, no one else is saying that.

As the reports and pictures come in there are now at least 2 videos of the actual blast and one of those videos captured both blasts. Witnesses are saying that it was carnage at the finish line with body parts and limbs strewn about.

Watch the 2 videos below of the moments of the blasts.

The first is of 1 explosion right at the finish line and the video below that is of both explosions, one at teh finish line and them one about 200 yards behind the initial one.

Watch for the second explosion in the video below:

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