VIDEO: Gun Shots Ring Out As Ferguson Police Chief Being Interviewed about “Peaceful Protests”

August 10, 2015 11:28 amViews: 815

Ferguson Police Chief CNN Interview

There are those who seem to be hell bent on destroying the very fabric of our nation. While there may be Ferguson protestors that just want to raise their voices on the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown, there are others who specifically want to provoke trouble.

That is evident on the video below from Twitter where Sara Snider from CNN is interviewing the interim Ferguson Police Chief about "peaceful protests" and multiple gun shots ring out in the background. At first it is just 3 quick shots, but then you can clearly hear several exchanges of gunfire.

Is this the fundamental transformation of America that Barack Obama wanted, where a thug robs a convenience store, then tries to steal a gun from a police officer and then gets shot and killed in the process, and the police officer gets blamed, and the protestors end up destroying their own neighborhood?

See Obama's America in action in the video below...

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