[VIDEO] Harry Reid On Obamacare Website Meltdown: People Aren’t Educated on How to Use the Internet

March 27, 2014 11:13 amViews: 360

Harry Reid people aren't educated on internet use

Harry Reid has become a political clown, a comedian who can always be counted on for saying things that are so far out of the range of sanity they may even make you laugh.

Reid claimed the difficulties of signing up on the Obamacare exchanges didn’t lie with the faulty and poorly built website, but with the people who weren’t “educated on how to use the Internet.

In fact, in the video below Reid won't even admit there was anything wrong with the Healthcare.gov website. When quizzed by a reporter on the "hiccups or delays" in the sign up process Reid responded emphatically with, "There are no hiccups or delays. We had hundred of thousands of people who tried to sign up and they didn't get through."

I'm confused, if people tried to sign up but they didn't get through, isn't that a delay?

Watch the video below:

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