[VIDEO] Harry Reid Says Republicans May Have Helped Putin Take Over Crimea

March 24, 2014 7:45 pmViews: 1214

Harry Reid is crazy

There isn't anyone more of a laughing stock in the Senate that Harry Reid. His fanciful and downright delusional pronouncements, whether it be about the Koch Brothers or back before election time that Mitt Romney paid no income tax at all for 10 years, are becoming absolutely criminal.

Now the nearly mad Senator from Nevada claims that Republicans have helped Vladimir Putin take over Crimea. Because some Republicans voted to block certain sanctions against Russia, Reid claims that has given Russian lawmakers the power and boldness, "to annex Crimea and Russian forces have taken over Ukrainian military bases."

Harry Reid is becoming so absurd in his delusions you have to wonder if that is specifically his job to say the most outrageous things just to get the low information voter exceptionally riled up. Otherwise we have an insane man as the Senate Majority Leader.

Read more below from Yahoo News:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that Republicans may have helped Russia annex Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in a surprisingly sharp attack ahead of a test vote on a bill authorizing more U.S. sanctions on Russia and $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine.

Outlining the Senate's agenda after a one-week recess, the Nevada Democrat said the first item would be the Ukraine bill that Republicans blocked just before lawmakers went on break. He urged Republicans to consider "how their obstruction affects United States' national security as well as the people of Ukraine" and said their delay of any congressional action "sent a dangerous message to Russian leaders."

"Since a few Republicans blocked these important sanctions last work period, Russian lawmakers voted to annex Crimea and Russian forces have taken over Ukrainian military bases," Reid said. "It's impossible to know whether events would have unfolded differently if the United States had responded to Russian aggression with a strong, unified voice."

Reid's charge comes despite widespread support among Republicans and Democrats in Congress for providing Ukraine with much-needed economic assistance and hitting Russian President Vladimir Putin's government with sanctions.

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