[VIDEO] Jay Carney Denies People Are Getting Error Messages On Obamacare Website

December 2, 2013 7:24 pmViews: 3965

Ed Henry getting teh business from Jay Carney

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney in his usual arrogant style denied that users were still getting error messages on the Healthcare.gov website. When asked by reporter Ed Henry of Fox News about the Obamacare website not really being fixed because of many reports of error messages by some users, Carney disdainfully responded to Henry that he was probably confusing messages of people being "put in a que" and having to wait for the website to take their information with real error messages.

Whatever they did to fix the debacle of Obamacare and an overpriced website that hardly works, you can rest assured they did it for image only for the time being. They worked on something to tell users they are being put in a que when the system can't handle the traffic instead of previously getting an error message that the website was down. Fundamentally probably not much has changed except what visitors of Healthcare.gov actually see.

This thing will have to crash the entire economy before Obama ever admits any defeat on his signature healthcare program. It can never work because not enough healthy people will ever sign up to make the Obamacare ponzi scheme ever be solvent. It will eventually go into a death spiral and then millions will be scrambling for healthcare and Obama will go down in history as an epic failure.

But of course his handlers will make him look good as the ship of his presidency sinks into the depths of irrelevancy.

Watch the video below with the arrogant Jay Carney feeding Ed Henry a load of propaganda:

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