VIDEO: Liberal Senator Patty Murray Calls Ban On Late-Term Abortions “Extreme”

November 12, 2013 12:09 pmViews: 1437

Pro abortion Senator Patty Murray

I hate writing stories about the grizzly practice of abortion. Not only is it a horrendous atrocity preformed by the monsters that pass themselves off as "doctors" and not only does the media almost never get the story right when reporting on what actually happens in the industry, when politicians like the liberal Senator Patty Murry pipe in on the issue they use rusty, well worn cliches that are nothing more than talking points from an industry wrapped in complete deception.

I hate writing these stories mainly because this important issues is so mired in falsehoods, but the truth needs to get out about who is furthering the deception and today's example is Democrat Senator Patty Murry from the state of Washington.

What the talking point spewing Sen Murray says in the video below is just out and out propaganda. She is calling a pending piece of legislation, dubbed the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" "unconstitutional" and "extremist" without of course giving ANY facts as to what the law is about or what it does. This bill would prohibit abortion after 20 weeks when there is no doubt an unborn child feels pain and a baby at 20 weeks gestation is just days from viability outside the womb.

One of the cliched quotes used by Murray and many adherents to the culture of death is, "politicians getting between a woman and her doctor is not their job." I guess that is unless you are President Obama or a liberal socialist and we're talking about forcing you into the disaster of Obamacare where the government is making healthcare decisions for millions of women.

Read more below from CNS News and then watch the video after that:

Sen. Patty Murray (D- Wash.) criticized the proposed Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on Thursday, calling it “unconstitutional” three times while speaking on the Senate floor. “So we’re here today to make one thing abundantly clear and that is that this extreme, unconstitutional abortion ban is an absolute non-starter,” Murray said.

Murray continued, “The truth is the drumbeat of politically driven, extremist and unconstitutional laws continues to get louder. And apparently some of our colleagues on the other side of this aisle want to make some noise about this so that their adoring audience of right wing radio-hosts and activists are satisfied.”

“Women who continue to believe that their healthcare decisions are theirs alone are not going anywhere,” Murray said. “And by the way, the Constitution is not going anywhere and therefore this bill is not going anywhere.”

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