[VIDEO] Michelle To OFA Obamatrons: “Folks Refer To You All As America’s Grassroots Army”

January 23, 2014 7:55 pmViews: 1456

Michelle Obama Organizing for Action

There's something I've just never understood about the Obamatron robots at Organizing For Action. Almost every time OFA gets a mention in the press or they are given a shout out by the President or some other liberal government official, they are referred to as a, "grassroots army" or a "grassroots organization." But how could that be when the entire organization is based at BarackObama.com? Their own website, sporting Obama name, is more robust and better organized than the Obamacare website, but this is called a grassroots effort?

Organizing For Action gets their marching orders from Barack Obama. They get their ideas from Barack Obama. They are told what to do by Barack Obama. Brain dead liberals download their talking points every day at BarackObama.com. They helped register liberals to vote as ordered by Barack Obama and they are pushing Obamacare as ordered and organized by Barack Obama, but amazingly they are called a grassroots organization.

Normally a grassroots organization starts at the bottom and tens to hundred of thousands get involved with no up front support at a national level. But even though OFA is a brainchild of the Obama administration and started from the top down, from the very top in the Oval Office, the rank and file tools of this organization are told repeatedly this is a grassroots effort.

And of course First Lady Michelle Obama carries on that big load of propaganda below with a special video message and congratulations for a one year anniversary as, "America's grassroots army," organized by the propaganda machine of Barack Obama. Not so much grassroots.

Watch the video message below:

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