[VIDEO] Paul Ryan: “We Have An Increasingly Lawless Presidency”

February 3, 2014 3:36 pmViews: 1200

Paul Ryan Obama is lawless

If the media actually did their job and educated and explained to the American people the difference between the Executive and Legislative branches of government ad what their responsibilities are, instead of simply being the cheerleader they are for the Obama regime we would live in a much different country. Unfortunately because the press cannot do their job, we live with President Obama that has become increasingly lawless.

And that is exactly what Comgressman Paul Ryan told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's Sunday morning show, This Week, when he said, "We have an increasingly lawless presidency."

Ryan went on to say that it is not the job of the President to change law as Obama is doing with executive orders. Even though there have been past presidents who have issued more executive orders than Obama, it is the scope and substance of his orders that has Ryan and many like him alarmed. Ryan said that Obama is now making, "policies and new laws without going through Congress" which is contrary to what the nation's Chief Executive is supposed to do

Read more below from Truth Revolt and watch the video after that.

On ABC Sunday, This Week host George Stephanopoulos interviewed Congressman Paul Ryan who blasted the president's abuse of executive orders, labeling his presidency "lawless" – but refused to go so far as to call for impeachment.

Though Ryan described Obama's habit of "circumventing the Constitution" a "dangerous trend," he laughed when Stephanopoulos suggested that he was angling for impeachment.

Stephanopoulos: Now, you've had a pretty tough reaction, suggesting the president's "circumventing the Constitution." Do you really think his proposals are unconstitutional? You know, his rate of executive orders is far behind President Reagan, President Bush, President Clinton.

Ryan: It's not the number of executive orders, it's the scope of the executive orders. It's the fact that he's actually contradicting law, like in the health care case, or proposing new laws without going through Congress, George. That's the issue. [crosstalk] We have an increasingly lawless presidency, where he is actually doing the job of Congress, writing now policies and new laws without going through Congress. Presidents don't write laws, Congress does. And when he does things like he did in health care, delaying mandates that the law said was supposed to occur when they were supposed to occur, that's not his job. The job of Congress is to change laws if he doesn't like them, not the presidency. Executive orders are one thing, but executive orders that actually change the statute, that's totally different.

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