[Video] Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants To Jail Climate Change Deniers and His Political Opponents

September 24, 2014 12:49 pmViews: 1656

Robert F Kennedy wants to jail climate change deniers

Robert F Kennedy Jr, the colorful liberal and passionate supporter of the theory of global warming, just got colorful and passionate again during the People's Climate March. In remarks that should outrage and offend just about anyone who cares about political discourse, free interchange of thought, and, to be frank, the First Amendment of the Constitution, Kennedy lashed out at his opponents in the global warming debate for disagreeing with him.

Calling these climate change skeptics “contemptible human beings,” he went on to say – and this is where it gets infuriating - “I wish there were a law you could punish them with. I don't think there is a law you can punish those politicians under.”

No, Mr Kennedy, there is no such law, and for a very good reason. Such a law would be unconstitutional, because in the United States of America, we don't believe in prosecuting and jailing political dissent. We prefer to engage those with whom we disagree on the bloodless battlefield of ideas, setting our arguments against theirs, because we believe reason and logic will reveal where the truth lies. We do not silence the opposition; in fact, we tend to regard any position that calls for such repressive tactics to be inherently weak and unsupportable.

But let's talk about global warming, since Robert Kennedy seems to be having a great deal of trouble understanding how anyone could question the wisdom of such an ironclad theory. The biggest problem is that, in reality, the theory is far from ironclad. No one is saying that the body of climatologists and other scientists indicating the existence of a problem are simply wrong or lying, but it raises questions that cannot be ignored when those same scientists admit that increased global temperatures called for by the theory have been completely absent since the turn of the century, that the oceans have in fact not warmed as they hypothesized in order to rescue the idea, and that arctic ice is actually expanding rather than receding.

Again, does this mean that scientists don't know their own business? No, but does it mean that a scientific theory that has failed almost all of its major predictions to date ought be questioned, and perhaps even disqualified as a theory given the fact that that is generally what is done when theories prove incapable of foretelling the presence of certain data? Perhaps.

But anyone who thinks so, of course, should certainly be in prison right now. Just ask Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Watch the video of Kennedy below...

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