[VIDEO] Seriously?: Michelle Obama Encourages Youth to Apply for Federal Aid, Take Selfies

February 13, 2014 2:15 pmViews: 2291

Michelle Obama selfie with Bo

In a new commercial by the group Get Schooled, Michelle Obama is appearing in a PSA video aimed at students to apply for Federal Student Aid. Get schooled is a non-profit organization that uses "celebrities and powerful peers" to "empower more students to go to and succeed in college." Fantastic, another program to spend our tax dollars which eventually end up buying votes.

In the video, Michelle Obama supposedly surprises the young student who opens the spot and tells other college bound students, "Don't leave money on the table" because we've got all kinds of free cash for you. Yea!

Towards the end of the PSA the First Lady says, "Mmmm, so, get the word out. Send everybody you know to studentaid.gov. Text it, tweet it, take a selfie and Instagram it." Michelle O then later gives the student actor a fist bump.

Take a selfie? Fist bump? Isn't it wonderful to have such a hip President and First Lady.

So a selfie helps you get Federal Student Aid?

Watch the video below:

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