Video Shows Antonio Martin Was Pointing Gun At Police Officer

December 24, 2014 1:54 pmViews: 947

Antonio Martin with gun pointed at officers

One has to wonder if the grievance industry, protest crowd is even remotely interested in the truth these days. Tragically, an armed black teenager who pointed a gun at police officers in Berkeley Missouri Tuesday evening during a routine location check, was shot and killed by those police officers.

Surveillance video from the gas station where the shooting occurred shows the police cruiser pull into the parking lot where 2 teen were standing and after a few moments one of the teens, Antonio Martin, pulls out a gun and points it at the police officers. Police then opened fire on Martin, killing him on the scene.

Twitter was abuzz Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning with the trending hashtag #AntonioMartin and not one of the hundreds of tweets we viewed some time after 1 am mentioned anything about Martin having a gun. A majority of the tweets claimed that Berkeley police had murdered Martin for no apparent reason which the video below shows is simply not true.

For some reason, probably due to the divisiveness perpetuated by people like Al Sharpton, some people seem to think police officers just drive through towns randomly gunning down innocent black children for no reason whatsoever. With police lives on the line after 2 officers were assassinated in New York City, officers have to be hyper-vigilant about the threats they face.

Watch the video below to see Antonio Martin pull a gun on officers before he was shot:

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