[VIDEO] Ted Cruz To Harry Reid: It Is Not the Job of the U.S. Senate To Vilify Private Citizens

March 14, 2014 7:08 amViews: 2709

Ted Cruz vs Harry Reid

Senator Ted Cruz has a simple but powerful message for Harry Reid who decided he needed to vilify the billionaire Koch brothers on the floor of the US Senate this past Thursday. Cruz said, "It is not the job of the U.S. Senate to vilify private citizens."

Where are we going as a country if the Majority Leader in the United States Senate has on at least 2 recent occasions attacked and publicly vilified private citizens from the floor of our nation's law making institution? With all the work there is to do to get our nation back on track, with war almost imminent in the Ukraine, with terrorist threats coming in on a daily basis (and a Dept of Homeland Security not having a clue what to do about it), this is what the highest ranking Senator in our country spends his time doing, attacking private citizens who are free to do as they please?

Well, Sen Ted Cruz is having none of Reid's rhetoric and nonsense and has a few things to say to the rather loony Mr Reid.

Watch the video below:

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