[VIDEO] Whiny Jesse Jackson: Obama Facing “Most Hostility An American President Has Ever Had”

November 26, 2013 4:13 pmViews: 2921

The Original Racist, Jesse Jackson

Appearing on Arsenio Hall’s talk show over the weekend, ​Jesse Jackson defended Obama saying the president has been, “serving us well against the most hostility an American president has ever had” and that Obama has had, “more attempts to derail his legislation then in the history of the country.”

Apparently the selectively racist Mr Jackson has completely forgotten about the constant criticism George W Bush received from liberals on a daily basis. In fact, with the way Barack Obama and a sold out State run media passes off blame, Bush probably still gets more criticism than Obama gets.

Jackson also said his now in jail son “had the best voting record in the Congress” before he was sentenced by unfair laws. Yea, the unfair laws that convicted a criminal who bought him and his wife $45,000 Rolex watches from campaign donations. In other words, like a good Democrat they spent money that wasn't theirs.

Watch the video below featuring Jesse Jackson:

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