VP Joe Biden Mocks 2nd Amendment Supporters While Saying There Will Be No Central Gun Registry

April 9, 2013 6:05 pmViews: 2164

Joe Biden mocks gun rights supporters

Vice President Joe Biden is never one to pull back from mocking the opposition, so at the White House today promoting stricter gun control legislation VP Biden took pot shots at the National Rifle Association for peddling “misinformation” and took a chance to mocked gun rights supporters as well. Never mind that the NRA is the leading proponent and trainer of gun safety classes in the United States, the utterly classless VP labeled 2nd Amendment supporters as he “black helicopter crowd.”

Here is what the Vice President had to say:

“No central registry for anything. No way that Uncle Sam can go find out whether you own a gun because we’re about to really take away all your rights and you’re not going to be able to defend yourself and we’re going to swoop down with Special Forces folks and gather up every gun in America. It’s bizarre, but that’s what’s being sold out there.”

Biden went on to say new gun control laws would only “add to the existing system” and not require any additional information from gun owners, but we can hardly believe him on that point. When legislation is being pushed in Congress and around the country where one of the biggest proponents of an assault weapons ban, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, does not even know what an assault weapon is nor does the main congressional sponsor of banning large capacity ammo magazines understand how they work or that they can be reloaded. Our legislators are fools, not leaders, so we hardly believe there is not something much more ominous down the pike.

Watch the VP in one of his usual mocking remarks below:

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