Washington DC City Council Unanimously Calls on Redskins To Change Name

November 6, 2013 11:29 amViews: 3816

Washington Redskins name change, yes or no?

Political correctness has completely run amok in the United States when the most important thing on the plate for the Washington DC City council was to vote on whether the Washington Redskins should change their name because it sounds racist. With all the crime and corruption and pressing needs of a large city like DC, it is amazing the city council has even a moment to spend time on interfering with the operation of a professional sports team.

What is ironic about the whole situation is that the Redskins do not play or practice nor is their front office even in the cesspool that is Washington DC. Their home stadium, FedEx Field is in Landover, Maryland, their main practice facility is in Richmond, Virginia and their front office is in Ashburn, Virginia. So the efforts of the DC city council are utterly meaningless and a complete waste of time.

Even President Obama thinks the Redskins should, "think about changing their name." However, one tribal chief in Virginia says that Obama's concern that the name Redskins is offensive, is offensive to the chief because Obama has done absolutely nothing to federally recognize Indian tribes in 11 states. As usual, Obama just pipes in to stir the pot.

Read more on the Washington DC City Council decision below from National Review:

The Washington, D.C., City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to pass a symbolic resolution asking that the Washington Redskins change their name. This marks the second time the council has approved such a measure, the last time being in 2001.

The “Sense of the Council to Rename the Washington National Football League Team Resolution of 2013″ passed 10–0 on the 13-person council. Two members were absent, including former mayor Marion Barry, while the final member voted “present” because she believed the council shouldn’t have “a say one way or another.”

The resolution asks that the new name “not [be] offensive to Native Americans or any other ethnic group.” But the measure has no official authority over the team, which doesn’t even operate in Washington, D.C. (it practices and plays its games in neighboring Virginia and Maryland, respectively).

When asked to comment on the vote, a team spokesman said the franchise is focused on its upcoming game this Thursday.

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